Spyro Gyra  
February 2013:
"Designated Planets" has released. Well, I've got the CD much earlier and listended to it very often. It's worth it. Here are some links to by.

Amazon - itunes - CDUniverse

October 2012:
O.K. - it's official. Tom's new CD "Designated Planets" will be released on February 05. 2013. You can watch his promotion-video here in the multimedia section or on
June 2012:
I think I told it just before. But it's an amazing feeling to be the number one at Google Germany after searching for Tom Schuman.
April 2012:
There's something goin' on in Tom's studio. He is working on his new CD. Of course I would not tell anything about it without his permission. But if he allows me to tell something - be sure - I will post it her as soon as possible.
March 2012:
I increased the menu for the topic "Multimedia". I was inspired by Tom's Link to "Funky Schu-Shine". Instead of searching on Youtube just visit our site and watch the best of the best right here. And - by the way - it's strongly recommended that you check out "Improvisational Music Writing". That's a real eye opening experience.
March 2012:
Today the site was unreachable for a short time. We changed the hosting and therefor i wasn't clever enough to make any changes. But it took only a few minutes. The new hosting has 1.000 megabytes of webspace and unlimited traffic. I will present much more content in the near future ...
February 2012:
I want to turn your attention to Tom's homage to his mother, who sadly died in september 2010. For a long time I kept myself away from this website. Well - Tom's sorrows are mine too. But as a real fan from Tom Schuman this site should be watched and be listened. Here's the link.
February 2012:
I noticed several weeks ago that Tom has a site on the german wikipedia, and we are linked there. I'm a little bit proud to be listed on wikipedia with thist site. Check it out here ...
February 2012:
The site goes online with a new design. bright colours and a bit more content.
November 2011:
Tom is now on Facebook. Furthermore Jazzbridge Music LLC can be found on Facebook and Twitter.